A specialist in electric and electrical industries for both importing and exporting business.

About Eishin International Co.,Ltd.

We have acquired the high reputation as a specialist in electric and electrical industries since inception in 1985 for both importing and exporting business.

What we always try to establish is the relationship as, not only a supplier and a acustomer, but partners who share future success. We are always thinking how we could be move valuable for out important partners, society, and earth.

To be one of the most valuable partners, all of Eishin's stuffs keep on working hard toward our glorious future.

Buiscess Description

  • Import&export of switchgear components and electrical aterials
  • Custom made production by commissioning of switchgear components and electrical materials
  • Multilateral trade

Main Trading Products

  • Copper bus bar, Copper components, Flexible bus bar, Laminated bus bar
  • Heat shrinkable tube for high/low voltage
  • Heat shrinkable tube for many industries
  • Insulation sleeves Glass tapes
  • Epoxy insulator for high/low voltage
  • High voltage cable connectors/Terminations
  • Insulated bus bar system for switchgear connection
  • Other components for C-GIS / GIS
  • Several types of moulded components (BMC,ABS,PVC,Epoxy)
  • Epoxy, glass fiber sheet/components
  • Automatic Transfer Switch, High/Low voltage
  • Load Break switch and Disconnecting switch for high/low voltage
  • Voltage detectors
  • PDP/KIP cable for 6.6KV
  • Solid State Relay, Power relays, Lead Switch, sensor
  • European type Fuses and Fuse holders
  • AC/DC Fans
  • High voltage connectors
  • High voltage CT/VT, EVT
  • Mil connectors
  • Terminal blocks / European style connectors for PCB
  • Measuring items, switches, Low/High voltage Breakers
  • All other Japanese electrical components for switchboard purpose

Corporate Profile


Eishin International Co.,LTD.


1-6-9 Hiranomachi Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Hiranomachi KI Bldg. 8F


TEL: +81-6-6202-4991 FAX: +81-6-6202-4992






May, 1985


Michinobu Yamamoto, President


10million yen

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